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The Cat in the Hat, played by Gabe Hense (front, left), tells Jojo, played by Ricky Marchant (front, center), it is OK to use his imagination during the production of “Seussical the Musical” on April 6 at Deer Path Middle School. Alyssa Groh/22nd Century Media
During the production of “Seussical The Musical” at Deer Path Middle School, the Mayor, played by Diego De La Rosa (left) and his wife, played by Kaitlyn Torcolese (right) yell at their son Jojo, played by Ricky Marchant (center) for exploring his imagination on April 5.
Gertrude, played by Madeline Kapsalis (right), tells the doctor, played by Gabe Hense, she needs him to help her grow a bigger tail. PHOTOS BY Alyssa Groh/22nd Century Media
Alyssa Groh, Editor
12:57 pm PDT April 17, 2018
Being a young and curious kid is not always easy, especially when people don’t believe in you.