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Susan Duffy (left), of Lake Forest, leans into a practice punch with Lake Forest Detective Andy Shiu during women’s self defense class at the Lake Forest Police Station on March 7. Ernest Schweit/22nd Century Media
Judith Gleason, of Lake Forest, learns how to fend off a punch from Officer Mike Hughes, during a self defense class on March 8 at the Lake Forest police station. Photos by Ernest Schweit/22nd Century Media
Patrol Commander Dwight Davis demonstrates how an attacker might attempt to take down a victim.
Jean Meyer, of Lake Forest, practices a defensive punch during the women's self defense class.
Self defense class students practice a kicking technique.
Alyssa Groh, Editor
1:34 pm PDT March 12, 2018
Learning to keep yourself safe at all times begins with awareness, according to Dwight Davis, a Lake Forest Police patrol commander, who taught a self defense class to Lake Forest women.