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Lake Forest College junior Paula Pelletier (front to back) and sophomores Grace Michel and Charlie Heckman clean off artifacts on Thursday, Nov. 14, that they found while digging on campus. Photos by Peter Kaspari/22nd Century Media
Rebecca Graff, associate professor of archaeology at Lake Forest College, looks over part of a glass bottle that was found during an on-campus dig completed by students. Graff’s class did a demonstration and showed their research on Thursday, Nov. 14.
Lake Forest College sophomore Belinda Beaver cleans off a nail that she found while digging on property owned by the college.
Graff compares a piece of a wick lamp to a diagram. That piece of lamp was found while her students conducted an archaeological dig on campus.
Lake Forest College Associate Professor of Archaeology Rebecca Graff explains the significance of a piece of glass that was found while digging.
Among the artifacts found by Lake Forest College students conducting an archaeological dig were bricks (left) and a piece of coal.
Peter Kaspari, Editor
3:00 am CST November 19, 2019
Students in Rebecca Graff’s archaeology class at Lake Forest College have been spending all semester literally digging into their work as they conduct an archaeological dig on campus.