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Everett Elementary School transformed into Everett University on May 17, to teach students everyday skills.
Mike Verden, a former Secret Service agent, who protected the President, First Lady, and provided security for famous events, taught students about the ins and outs of becoming a Secret Service agent.
International Performing Ballerina Katy Wiener taught students about becoming a ballerina.
Lake Forest firefighter Andy Barnes (right) teaches students what firefighters do, besides putting out fires, during Everett University May 17, at Everett Elementary.
Sarah Priest (center) teaches students how to ‘Grow Your Own Dinner.’
Students participate in a teamwork activity during the Everyday Leadership class by Chris Sutherland. Photos Submitted
Olivia Vallone, Editorial Intern
3:00 am CDT May 30, 2019
Presenters from all over the community came together on May 17, to educate students at Everett Elementary on creative subjects during the fifth annual Everett University event.