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Megon McDonough sings a song during "Truth Be Told: A Night of Personal Storytelling" at the Gorton Community Center Saturday, Nov. 2. Photos by Alex Newman/22nd Century Media
Kevin D'Ambrosio tells a story about the time a plane he was on had to make an emergency landing at the Gorton Community Center during "Truth Be Told: A Night of Personal Storytelling."
Kristina Schramm shrugs during a story about her yearslong struggle with her husband's obsession with an old bean bag chair.
The storytellers who presented during "Truth Be Told: A Night of Personal Storytelling," take a bow after the show. Presenters were Megon McDonough (from left), Scott Whitehair, Kristina Schramm, Monica Castle, Ray Christian, Marya Morris and Kevin D'Ambrosio.
Scott Whitehair shares a story about how he became a man by challenging his grandfather's rules.
Ray Christian smiles as he tells the story about how he wanted to become a lawyer and where his life eventually took him.
Libby Elliott, Freelance Reporter
3:00 am CST November 6, 2019
Virtually any night of the week in Chicago, fans of the popular live-lit storytelling medium can catch a performance at one of many bars, art galleries and bookstores that regularly host these intimate, niche events.