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Ahmed Ibrahim speaks about mosaic tile techniques during the Stirling Hall Art Bash on Saturday, Oct. 5. Alex Newman/22nd Century Media
Stirling Hall Art Bash attendees got a chance Saturday, Oct. 5, to throw clay pieces on the wheel.
Ahmed Ibrahim tells the crowd at Stirling Hall about the difference between Italian and Japanese hammers during the annual Art Bash.
Artist Mike Skiersch does a demonstration on pressed molded tiles at the Stirling Hall Art Bash.
The kiln at the Stirling Hall Art Bash is loaded up with pottery.
Guests at the Stirling Hall Art Bash had the chance to mold their own pottery on the wheels.
Alexa Burnell, Freelance Reporter
3:00 am CDT October 8, 2019
The Stirling Hall Art Center opened its doors to the public on Saturday, Oct. 5, encouraging guests to embrace their inner Picasso during the third annual Art Bash.