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The Gallery co-owner Cecilia Lanyon (right) and manager Hayley Kennedy pose in the dining room of the restaurant/art gallery. The venue offers a menu that is inspired by the art that’s on display. Photos by Peter Kaspari/22nd Century Media
Cecilia Lanyon, co-owner of The Gallery, sets up a table in preparation for the arrival of dinner guests.
The Gallery co-owner Cecilia Lanyon talks about a piece of artwork on display by Rebecca Romero Schuler.
One of the tables set up in The Gallery’s dining room.
The Gallery’s manager, Hayley Kennedy, lights a candle on one of the dining room tables.
Lily Abromeit, Freelance Reporter
3:00 am CST December 3, 2019
Imagine taking a bite of tuna while looking at a photograph of tuna fishing boats in Hawaii – all of your senses totally aligned.