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Time to hit the road and take a few photos while you’re at it

by Eric DeGrechie, Managing Editor News, Contests

While we all love Chicagoland and the North Shore, getting away for a little bit on a summer vacation often gives us the perfect opportunity to recharge our batteries and appreciate the area even more when we return home. 


Father’s Day Photo Contest: Candid photo of bonding wins Father’s Day contest

by Alyssa Groh, Editor News, Community, Contests

A single photo has the ability to tell multiple stories.

Just from looking a photo we can interpret the bond of those in the photo, what is happening in the photo and we can also feel a variety of emotions looking at a...

Father’s Day Photo Contest: Photos of dad bring back special memories

by Eric DeGrechie, Managing Editor News, Community, Contests

These days, cameras on phones often have many of the bells and whistles traditional cameras have. Though sales of standard cameras are down due to this, many photographers still prefer standard cameras.