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Members of the Lake Bluff American Legion Post 510 lead the Lake Bluff Fourth of July Parade Wednesday, July 4 in downtown Lake Bluff. Photos by Harrison Raft/22nd Century Media
Lake Bluff residents sit on the side of the street dressed in festive clothes ready to enjoy the parade.
Harrison Raft, Editorial Intern
1:32 pm PDT July 5, 2018
America severed its ties from Great Britain by signing the Declaration of Independence on July Fourth, 242 years ago. Since that historic moment, American citizens have celebrated their independence watching colorful bombs bursting in air, and parades that commemorate and celebrate the brave men and women that continue to preserve our freedom. The Village of Lake Bluff hosted its 108th annual Fourth of July Parade that stretched 1.1 miles and featured more than 100 parade floats in downtown Lake Bluff on Wednesday.