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Carol, played by Antoinette Pompe Van Meerdervoort, struggles with the aftermath of a deadly school shooting committed by her husband during Lake Forest High School’s dress rehearsal of “The Amish Project” on Monday, Jan. 29. PHOTOS BY CARLOS ALVAREZ/22ND CENTURY MEDIA
Eddie Stuckley, the gunman, played by Alec Boyd, reacts to hearing the sounds of sirens coming to the school where he has shot five people.
Verda (left to right), played by Jaclyn Lonergan, is hysterical while Anna, played by Katie Finnegan, is numb while the gunman Eddie Stuckey, played by Alec Boyd, gives her a rub on the cheek.
Sherry, played by Nikole Tzioufas, recalls CNN’s coverage of the shooting and what was going through her mind at the time.
Erin Yarnall, Freelance Reporter
11:33 am PST January 31, 2018
Lake Forest High School students who took on a role in the school’s winter play, “The Amish Project,” were tasked with the serious topic of a mass shooting, while also displaying forgiveness.