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Students perform “The Yummy Moon” during production of “Imagination 2017” on Thursday, Nov. 9, at Lake Bluff Elementary School. Alyssa Groh/22nd Century Media
Third-grader Clare Kaiser (center left), who plays Sarah Seal, explains to Stewart Seal, played by John Gibbons (center right), why he can’t go to the moon in the story of “The Yummy Moon” during LBES’s performance of “Imagination 2017” on Thursday, Nov. 9. PHOTS BY ALYSSA GROH/22ND CENTURY MEDIA.
The King (left), played by Niko Papadakes, and Queen, played by Hallie Bodine, discuss having pets in the castle during “Chaos in the Castle.”
Alyssa Groh, Editor
4:02 pm PST November 13, 2017
From the time students enter Lake Bluff Elementary School they look forward to reaching third grade when they can finally perform “Imagination 2017,” the winter play at LBES that utilizes stories written by students. “Imagination 2017” was performed Thursday, Nov. 9, at LBES.