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LifeWorking Coworking, in Lake Forest, offers working spaces for teleconferences, events, and community presentations. Photos Submitted and by Alex Newman/22nd Century Media
Christina Tu, of Body and Brain, encourages everyone to exercise their mind and body during a LifeWorking Coworking wellness fair on March 4. LifeWorking Coworking provides spaces for people to get their professional work done. Photos by Alex Newman/22nd Century Media
Dr. Wendy L. Flynn, with the Spine and Wellness Clinic, asks everyone to pair up for a posture check with a partner.
LifeWorking Coworking is open to anyone looking to get business work done, whether it be a conference call or they need a quiet space.
One of the public meeting spaces at LifeWorking Coworking. Photo Submitted
Peter Kaspari, Editor
3:00 am CDT March 17, 2020
In light of the coronavirus pandemic, many businesses are encouraging or requiring their employees to work from home as a preventative measure.