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The group GodParents 4 Tanzania, which includes former Lake Forest resident Mike Conklin (front center) poses for a photo outside a lodge in Karatu, Tanzania. Photo Submitted
Faraja students line up for a morning assembly in Tanzania.
Mama Lema, a Faraja teacher, oversees student knitters diving into new supplies, which were brought over by former Lake Forest resident Mike Conklin.
Mike Conklin hands over two cases of knitting materials to Kristin Westermann, representing Faraja Primary School.
The drivers on the trip made a point of handing out food to Maasai children on the roadside as volunteers criss-crossed Tanzania. PHOTOS SUBMITTED
Neil Milbert, Freelance Reporter
11:52 am PDT August 8, 2017
When Mike Conklin went to the baggage claim at Kilimanjaro International Airport he collected two huge suitcases crammed with knitting needles and yarn.