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Guanajuato’s skinny ceviche includes a mix of tomato, onion, cilantro, jalapeno and shrimp, with slices of avocado and cucumber. FOUAD EGBARIA/22ND CENTURY MEDIA
3 Girls Smiling jalapeno margarita mix ($10) is just one of three all-natural flavors that can be bought in different locations throughout the North Shore. SARAH HAIDER/22ND CENTURY MEDIA
The cheese plate ($19.99) from Sunset Foods includes Brie, manchego and drunken goat cheeses. COURTNEY JACQUIN/22ND CENTURY MEDIA
The Popcorn Factory’s holiday kettle corn is colored red and green for the holidays. ALYSSA GROH/22ND CENTURY MEDIA
Kith & Kin Cabernet Sauvignon ($26) is just one of the many fine wine selections at Knightsbridge Wine Shoppe in Northbrook. SARAH HAIDER/22ND CENTURY MEDIA
Homemade powdered sugar butter cookies and “Broffee,” or a half brownie, half toffee dessert, are just two of the many delicious desserts available this holiday season ($22.99 for a small trio set) at Sweet Time Cafe. JACQUELINE GLOSNIAK/22ND CENTURY MEDIA
Gigi’s Cupcakes features a mini cupcake wreath ($35) consisting of two dozen hand-decorated cupcakes. PHOTO SUBMITTED
Staff Report
2:03 pm CST December 13, 2016
Now that the December holiday season is in full swing, most of our calendars are starting to overflow with dates and times for end-of-year work parties, extended family gatherings and hectic out-of-town travels.