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The chile relleno platter ($9.75) includes a souffle-battered roasted poblano pepper stuffed with a blend of three cheeses and topped with tomato broth served alongside a side of Mexican rice and refried beans.
The veggie fajitas ($12) includes a generous blend of red peppers, green peppers and sauteed onions served with traditional rice, beans and guacamole fixings on the side.
Cochinita pibil tacos ($3), a traditional Mexican dish from the Yucatan Peninsula, consist of slow-roasted pork shoulder, achiote paste spices, sour orange marmalade and habaneros topped with pickled red onion.
The coconut flan dessert ($4) is a traditional milk and egg flan dish topped with shaved coconut flakes and served on a platter drizzled with chocolate.
Tamales rajas ($2.50) is a classic item which includes jalapeno peppers and cheese.
A unique side dish is the fried plantain with mole sauce. PHOTOS BY JACQUELINE GLOSNIAK/22ND CENTURY MEDIA
Chris Pullam, Contributing Editor
12:40 pm CST March 1, 2017
Glenview’s newest Mexican restaurant takes its name very seriously.