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Gerhard’s passion fruit mousse ($7.50) is a sweet and tart dessert made with dark chocolate mousse, a feuilletine base imported from France and mixed with pralines. Photos by Jacqueline Glosniak/22nd Century Media
Chocolate marjolaine ($7.50) is one of the bakery’s most popular desserts, consisting of chocolate meringue filled with white chocolate and topped with a crunchy chocolate garnish served with raspberries. The treat is also gluten-free.
The berry tiramisu ($7.50) is beautifully crafted with Galbarni mascarpone (a high-quality cheese from Italy), vanilla genoise and roulade filled with blueberries and raspberries.
Sarah Haider, Assistant Editor
11:41 am CST February 7, 2017
Twenty-two years ago, when Mary Greub decided to open Gerhard’s Elegant European Desserts with her then-fiance, she had no idea she would end up finding the love of her life.