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The Mickey Mouse pancakes ($5.75) at Jasper’s Cafe in Glenview feature a strawberry mouth, blueberry eyes and whipped cream whiskers.
Guanajuato’s kids menu includes a meal of three tacos ($6.95) — steak, chicken or ground beef — served with rice and beans.
The spaghetti and meatball ($6) is one of the four options available for kids at Disotto in Highwood.
The Rainbow Pancake ($4.80) is filled with colorful chocolates and paired with a kids drink at Egg Harbor Cafe in Lake Forest.
TB Asian Cuisine’s Chicken Mayo dish ($6), made with deep-fried chicken over rice, was created by owner Jay Choi for his young son.
The three cheeseburger sliders ($9.95) at Northfield’s The Happ Inn are made with prime ground beef, topped with cheddar cheese and paired up with homemade potato chips, french fries or grapes.
The cheese pizza ($7.45), sold at Marcello’s Father and Son Restaurant, is suitably kid-sized.
Staff Report
4:07 pm CDT April 18, 2017
Anyone who spends time around children knows how picky they can be when it comes to food.