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Feste (left to right), played by Sahara Glasener-Boles, serenades a drunken Sir Toby Belch, played by Edward Kuffert and Sir Andrew Aguecheek, played by Jeremy Schaye, during CenterStage’s performance of “The Gulling of Malvolio” on Sunday, Aug. 20, at Grove Cultural Campus. Gianna Annunzio/22nd Century Media.
Sir Andrew Aguecheek, played by Jeremy Schaye, sits on a bench while performing CenterStage’s adaptation of “The Gulling of Malvolio,” on Sunday, Aug. 20 at Grove Cultural Campus. PHOTOS BY Gianna Annunzio/22nd Century Media
Viola (left) dressed as Cesario, played by Alexandra T. Cross, reluctantly duels Sir Andrew Aguecheek, played by Jeremy Schaye.
The jester Feste, played by Sahara Glasener-Boles, kneels during a comedic performance of “The Gulling of Malvolio.”
Gianna Annunzio, Freelance Reporter
1:38 pm PDT August 22, 2017
Shakespeare has come to Lake Forest, unfolding a plan to play an elaborate trick on a steward right before his audience’s eyes.